Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Profitable Type Of Joint Venture

Joint-Venturing doesn't end on asking a Guru to endorse your stuff. But that's what the majority of people in the Internet marketing world focus on.

Here's an unusual & insanely profitable kind of JV:

Co-author with a Guru.

Yes, you better know what your stuff. And no – it's not for you if you aren't damn serious. Because it takes a lot of work & brings in a lot of cash. Not for the easy-goers.

But why would the guru want to do this?
Because it saves them time & gets them easy bucks!

Every guru has at least a dozen product ideas that they doesn't have time for. If you offer
to do all the work & still give them 60% or more - there's no way they're going to miss it!

You can also make a product specifically FOR one guru's audience. But that's another story.

Here's a tip: Ask the guru for an unfinished product.

Many gurus start a product but for some reason it's pushed aside half-way down. They want that product to see the light of the day but they don't have time for it or maybe they've just moved on.

But if you offer to complete that product, they will love you for it!

Take all the work on yourself. From finishing the product to writing the sales copy & auto-responder messages. Save them the headache, their time, energy & money - & they'll be happy to co-author with you.

What's in it for you? (as if you need to ask!)

Because just one product can launch you to stardom. When people see you co-authored an ebook with a successful guru - you get instant credibility. And of course the money comes rolling in faster than you can count - because the guru obviously has a loyal following.

And then people will be contacting YOU for joint-ventures! The credibility, the money, the contacts - it's all worth it.

There are many examples of people who launched their online this way. From Tellman Knudson to Patric Chan & more. Here are 3 case-studies:

- Jim Edwards.

I can't say if he launched his online career this way. But this guy has authored at least half a dozen books with the top guns in this industry.

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