Monday, 20 June 2011

Grassroots Leadership Principles

GrassRoots Leadership is a philosophy that empowers every individual to share the responsibility of achieving excellence. GrassRoots Leadership has as its core tenets:

• Lead by Example – GrassRoots Leaders know they must first change their own attitudes and behaviors before expecting their crew to change.

• Listen Aggressively – GrassRoots Leaders don't simply listen, they hear what their people are telling them. They know that those on the front lines are the most familiar with how operations can be more effective.

• Communicate Purpose and Meaning – GrassRoots Leaders help their crew understand (collectively and individually) how their work contributes to the success of the overall mission, as well as understand how that work supports the personal goals they have for themselves.

• Create a Climate of Trust – GrassRoots Leaders trust and cultivate trust from their crew. Without trust, the barriers that prevent excellent performance will never be lowered.

• Look for Results, Not Salutes – GrassRoots Leaders maximize performance by making their people grow. They succeed only where their people succeed.

• Take Calculated Risks – GrassRoots Leaders know that taking prudent, calculated risks is instrumental in maximizing performance.

• Go Beyond Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – GrassRoots Leaders look at standard operating procedure as a guideline, because SOP doesn't change as rapidly as the environment and competition. Therefore, they foster a climate that encourages people to come up with better and more innovative ways to accomplish their mission.

Strengthen Others/Build Up Your People – GrassRoots Leaders focus on making their people grow and creating an environment where everyone can win, thereby making the entire team stronger.

• Generate Unity – GrassRoots Leaders work to not only change undesirable behaviors but to alter the underlying attitudes. By working toward a mutual respect for everyone, they level the playing field, permitting everyone to perform at their highest level.

• Cultivate Quality of Life – GrassRoots Leaders actively integrate fun into the work experience. They want their crew to have as much fun from 9 to 5 as they do at home from 5 to 9; thereby, gaining the passion, enthusiasm and creativity that they usually lock in their car in the parking lot each morning.

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